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We opened our bakery and cafe in November 2021.  This was a welcome addition to our farm market after years of making fresh cake donuts in a small concession trailer.  Our goal with this venture is to bring as many 'farm to table' products to you by supporting other small and local businesses like ourselves.  We provide high quality baked goods sourced from local and home-grown ingredients.  


Assorted donuts with different toppings

The 'Donut Patch'

We started making donuts over 14 years ago as an addition to our 'Fall Fun Days' during our pumpkin season here at the farm.  Over the years, these fried bites from heaven became a customer favorite and are credited as the foundation for the bakery and cafe.

Sandwiches & Cafe Items

We serve fresh steamed bagel and ciabatta breakfast and lunch sandwiches in our cafe. The meats, cheeses, and toppings are locally sourced to provide you with the highest quality. The bagels are delivered fresh weekly from Sammy's Bagels in Columbus, Ohio.

Turkey bacon avocado sandwich
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