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Jacquemin Farms has been a family-run business for over three decades, providing the community with fresh, high quality produce. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and quality, and strive to create a better tomorrow with the food we grow. Our farm started 35 years ago as a U-Pick strawberry patch, and we now have a U-Pick pumpkin patch. We now grow around 2.5 acres of strawberries and 15 acres of pumpkins, and we very much enjoy welcoming families to have a fun experience at our farm. We believe in connecting people with the land through our U-Pick experiences and our home market, and are dedicated to providing the freshest produce.


Pumpkin connected to vine.
Container of strawberries
Pumpkin patch
Assorted pumpkins
Box of pumpkins
Pumpkin field
Pumpkin patch
Blue pumpkin
Pumpkin patch
Employes planting pumpkin seeds
Quart of strawberries
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